Polskie Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Osób z Niepełnosprawnością Intelektualną
Koło w Gdańsku Psoni

What and how we teach

What do we teach and how?

Intellectually disabled persons need to stay in contact with others in order to get constant development and be able to lead an independent and active lifestyle. Music culture is ideal for shaping such a relationship.

Playing an instrument is an activity that can be done in its simplest form by playing only a few notes, but at the same time, it can be constantly developed, fulfilling more and more complex artistic tasks. It supports the social inclusion of persons with various abilities. ECEKON is a place facilitating direct and close relationships between people of various states of health. Please see our gallery to view what events have already been organised. Anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument and lead an active musical lifestyle is welcome.

Who can learn to play an instrument?

At ECEKON, we teach persons with various disabilities. Non-disabled persons can also learn here. The age of the students does not matter. We teach small kids, teenagers and adults of any age. Basic musical education does not require any specific predispositions. Every person, as long as he/she likes music, is interested in it and, provided that it brings him/her joy, will find personal satisfaction in musical education. Even the elementary musical skills of playing an instrument can allow a person to join musical bands. Persons with very limited abilities can effectively learn to perform simple music phrases and join a band using those skills. We deem the start of learning an instrument as an attempt, and we are trying to discover everything that can be achieved by a given person in a period of time appropriate for him/her.

Which instruments can I play?

Currently, we teach how to play the following instruments: trumpet, saxhorn (baritone), tuba, saxophone, clarinet, piano, keyboard, accordion, harp, zither, violin, double bass, bar instruments (xylophone, vibraphone, marimba). We also use non-melodic percussion instruments such as the drum kit, djembe, symphonic kettledrums, bass drum and about 30 other percussion instruments. More information about instrument playing and the required skills can be found in the Instruments tab. We teach how to play by choosing an instrument appropriate for the possibilities and dispositions of a given student.


The classes are held individually once a week. It is also possible to join group classes on various subjects related to culture and solo-presentation. All classes are conducted in the afternoon, after establishing those dates with the teacher. The lessons are held in Gdansk, in ECEKON’s headquarters at Aksamitna 4a.

School year

During the year, the universal teaching calendar applies. At the end of the semester and in June, there are shows aimed at presenting the skills of students, in which students, their parents, siblings and friends can participate. At the end of the school year, the students are awarded first or subsequent year completion certificates. There is a holiday break in July and August.

What about the instrument?

The students starting to learn at the centre do not have to have their own instruments. After they learn basic skills, it is recommended that they buy their own instrument.

Do students have to pay for the classes?

The number of free of charge places at the centre is limited and depends on the funds obtained and the time of the project implementation. We suggest that you pay a systematic donation in the amount of 50 PLN per month for the benefit of PSOUU (the Polish Association for Persons with Mental Handicap) – the Gdansk branch. The funds are used to cover some of the costs related to the activity conducted. The management of ECEKON awards grants on the basis of the applications received, the person’s compliance with the programme’s requirements, and accommodation and staff available to ECEKON.

Students who are not covered by the grant can learn at the centre by paying the full price and taking into account that the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled. The amount of the individually-charged price is established each year on the basis of the costs of the programme implementation. The cost is around 220 PLN.

What’s next?

Advanced students can play in one of ECEKON’s bands. ECEKON bands perform in various events organised in Gdansk and in the region.

On behalf of our staff and community, we would like to encourage everyone to start learning at our centre.

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